Kent County health director says his life has been threatened over mask mandate

Adam London says family has been threatened

Kent County health director says life is being threatened over mask mandate.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. – A health official in West Michigan said people have threatened his life because he issued a school mask mandate.

Kent County Health Director Adam London is asking county commissioners for help. He told them his team is broken and he feels unsafe.

Parents upset with mask mandates, that are meant to protect their children from coronavirus, have spoken out at Kent County Commission meetings. London said a person cursed at him and said, “I hope someone abuses your kids and forces you to watch.”

Republican state legislators who threatened to pull funding from the health department because of the mask mandate are speaking out against the threats.

London said he is not making public appearances because of the threats. The Kent County Board of Commissioners denounced the violence and said it needs to be reported to police.

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