Mysterious fireball spotted in sky across Metro Detroit

AMS says likely space debris

Residents across Metro Detroit early Wednesday morning captured footage of a giant, slow-moving fireball in the night sky.

What in the world was that?!

A mysterious fireball moving through the sky has been spotted by Local 4 viewers all across Metro Detroit early Wednesday morning.

The strange sight in the sky was reportedly seen in Belleville, Clinton Township, Fraser, Freeland, Holly, Howell, Pontiac, Romulus, Warren, White Lake and other communities.

People in those communities made the report around 12:45 a.m.

Local 4 viewer Mike Kruse caught this video on his Ring Doorbell camera in Trenton.

Another Local 4 viewer captured this video of the fireball on their doorbell camera in Fraser.

Local 4 viewer Chris Johnson captured this shot of the fireball in Port Huron.


NASA does report space junk and other space debris here. But, so far, nothing is listed for this incident.

Local 4Caster Paul Gross says Wednesday night is the peak for the Orionid Meteor Shower and this could very possibly be a larger piece of rock that burned up in the atmosphere.

The American Meteorological Society said, “this was not a natural fireball but appears to be the re-entry of an unknown satellite or spent rocket body.”

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