Michigan Rep. Stephanie Young to introduce bills to protect victims of domestic violence, abuse

Package includes 7 bills

Michigan Rep. Stephanie Young said her own experiences are guiding her as she introduces a package of bills meant to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse.

LANSING, Mich.Michigan Rep. Stephanie Young said her childhood trauma is guiding her on the legislative floor as she introduces a package of bills to help protect victims of domestic violence and abuse.

She said she remembers the psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse her father put her through. From the other side of those experiences, she can take control of her childhood narrative by preparing to increase protection for abuse survivors.

There is a package of seven bills aimed at keeping survivors from being re-victimized. House Bill 5154 gives victims protection from evictions.

House Bill 5155 updates the Paid Medical Leave Act to include stalking, domestic violence, and sexual assault victims as a protected class for the use of paid sick leave.

HB 5156 ensures a domestic abuse victim is not disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits stemming from domestic violence and or stalking.

HB 5157 prevents landlords and realtors from discriminating against domestic abuse victims HB 5158 extends privacy rights to adults -- not just victims who are minors.

On Wednesday, Young walked through the neighborhood she grew up in and talked about her past. She said in sharing her story she felt more powerful than ever before.

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