What’s at stake during the 2021 Michigan General Election?

Decisions will impact your hometown, city council and your budget

The 2021 Michigan General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Here’s what you need to know before voting.

DETROIT – Tuesday (Nov. 2) is Election Day, but it’s well known that turnout tends to lag during off-year battles. That’s even more reason to make your voice heard.

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Many decisions will be made that impact your hometown including your city council and even your family’s budget.

Nadine Puckett, 81, lives in Sterling Heights. She said she has never missed an election. Thomas Pearson, 30, also lives in Sterling Heights. He wants his voice to be heard.

Sterling Heights City Clerk Melanie Ryska expects fewer than 22% of the 99,000 registered voters in the municipality will vote.

Because so few people usually bother to vote, it means the minority decides the day-to-day operations at the ground level that govern what happens at your doorstep.

For many districts, the election is about proposals and ballot initiatives that determine how your money is spent, how your trash is picked up, or how many firefighters will be available to answer emergency calls.

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