Ready to return to the movies? Emagine offers $3 tickets for classic kids films

Series available at most Emagine Theatres

Is your family ready to head back into movie theaters? A local entertainment company is trying to entice parents and children into taking a big step toward normalcy.

DETROIT – Is your family ready to head back into movie theaters? Emagine Entertainment is trying to entice parents and children into taking a big step toward normalcy.

Emagine Theatres wants parents and children to come back to them.

That’s part of the hope of Emagine Theatres, which is kicking off a family-friendly winter kids series starting Friday (Feb. 18.). Old favorites and classics like Despicable Me and The Lorax, the stuff that makes kids laugh out loud, especially with some popcorn and frozen Cokes added into the mix. Tickets will only cost $3 a show.

“We realize that in the doldrums of winter that there’s not a lot of kids films that are coming out, said Trevor Baker, COO of Emagine Entertainment. “We want to encourage people to come out and get out of the house and enjoy a film. So, we worked with some studios and were able to get six weeks of films that are throwback films, classic films from Universal.”

Many movies are on-demand, but it’s the experience the theatre says it’s offering. Instead of just watching the film, the idea is to get kids out of the house and un-cooped.

“There’s something to be said about being in community, especially in the winter,” Baker said. “To be able to get out of the house and, you know, get the kids out and get some fresh popcorn, see a movie, and into a theatre is what we hope for and that some families take us up on this and enjoy our various amenities that we have at all of our theaters.”

What parents will have to consider, however, is their comfort level, given we are still in a global pandemic, and the series will have mass appeal to the under-five set, which still cannot get vaccinated.

“We take the necessary precautions by having the necessary air filters, by making sure we are cleaning and sanitizing things on a regular basis,” Baker said. “No social distancing in theaters or anything like that. But we have some built-in social distancing already as everybody usually faces the same way, a lot of our theater have reclining seating and so from my face to someone else’s head is an ample distance.”

Families will have to weigh their comfort level given the trend of relaxing mitigation strategies as the nation moves towards an endemic response instead of a pandemic response. The theatre hopes that parents will find that the water will be fine with this unique offering, so dive in.

The six-week $3 Winter Kids Series is available at all Emagine Theatres except for the Birmingham location.

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