Small business event at Eastern Market signals some return to normalcy for owners

200 vendors showcased at All Things Detroit at Eastern Market over the weekend

The All Things Detroit event at Eastern Market showcases 200 vendors selling everything from clothing, to mugs to artwork.

DETROIT – For small business owners in Detroit, Eastern Market was the place to be this weekend.

The All Things Detroit event at Eastern Market showcased 200 vendors selling everything from clothing, to mugs to artwork.

“It’s grown tremendously over the last eight years,” said Jennyfer Crawford with All Things Detroit. “(We) went from one shed to three. I think All Things Detroit is a community that wants to see everyone succeed.”

Throughout the event, there were several generations of Detroit business owners. At one booth, Krista Conyers and her daughter, Hailey, were selling jewelry from their business Hailey & Co. Following their passion for jewelry, the duo launched their own company together.

“I grew up in Detroit, my daughter was born here,” Conyers said. “If we don’t support Detroit, we don’t support Michigan.”

Tafari Roberts, owner of Rove Soapsheets, was born and raised on the east side of Detroit.

“Detroit is a hustle city, very diverse,” Roberts said. “It’s like a melting pot, like my where my parents are from, Jamaica.”

Roberts used paper soap sheets in Jamaica, and decided to create her own brand right here in Detroit. She says that anyone can be an entrepreneur.

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And when it comes to preserving Detroit’s rich history, business owner Debbie Lapratt of Debbie Lapratt Art says she is inspired to create every time she walks around the city.

“I tell people to look up, look down, look all around -- we have the most amazing architecture in (this) city,” Lapratt said.

Finally, after the pandemic lull, business is starting top pick back up again. Entrepreneurs can earn thousands in a single day at Eastern Market.

“This is the best thing for small business,” Lapratt said. “You got the malls, but it’s small businesses that keep us alive.”

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