Detroit takes action after TikTok video exposes massive illegal dumping site

Crews already cleaning up the garbage

Illegal dumping exposed on social media, and how attention online got the city of Detroit to take notice and get it cleaned up; Police say it was one of the largest illegal dumping sites in the city. But it isn't anymore after one man's TikTok videos went viral as the city is now cleaning things up.

DETROIT – The city is cleaning up an illegal dumping site in Detroit after the area started getting attention on the social media app TikTok.

Police said it was one of the largest illegal dumping sites in the city.

Detroit Bus Company moved in across the street from the site a year ago. They’ve been battling the mess ever since.

Detroit Bus Company got the city’s attention by posting a simple video on TikTok.

“I called the city. I asked, ‘hey can you clean up this land.’ They said, ‘maybe,’” Detroit Bus Company founder Andy Didorosi said. “Then all of a sudden I posted on TikTok of all things.”

He said it was a 60 second-long video about the garbage. He said thirty minutes after he posted the video an officer contacted him and said they were coming to check it out.

“It was a lot of stuff that got dumped out here,” officer Jeremy Woods said.

Detroit police and the illegal dumping team came out to the scene. People have been detained and tickets have been written in connection with the site.

Didorosi’s advice? If you find an illegal dumping site talk about it, and post about it on social media. You can also report it to the city through the Improve Detroit app.

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