Vigil held for mother killed in hit-and-run in Detroit

Iris Liciaga, 32, was out walking on May 16, like she always did. Whether it was to her job as a custodian at Harms Elementary school, or to the store.

She was on the sidewalk, in the median near Livernois and McMillan, when surveillance video shows a red pick up truck plow right into her. Police said the driver of that truck, 24-year-old Leonardo Emmanuel Munoz Gutierrez, wasn’t paying attention to the curving of the road and ran into her.

On Sunday, her friends and family gathered in the median to remember her.

“She was a mother first before even doing things for herself, she didn’t care if there was a couple of days she went without a meal, but she always had food on the table for her kids,” said Adrianna Vega.

Liciaga was the mother of two boys. Her work family from DPS didn’t just bring balloons and candles to her memorial but crazy, colorful pairs of socks. Liciaga always wore crazy socks on the outside of her jeans. It was her way to get the elementary school kids to relate to her. They loved asking her about her socks.

“She was younger than me but she was a mother figure,” said Jessica Ramirez.

The family is raising money to send her body back to New York so she can be buried next to her mother. You can donate by clicking the link here.

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