Drivers keep plowing through privacy fence of Highland Park resident

Number of accidents is now double digits

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – The hits keep coming at a house in Highland Park that’s become a magnet for out-of-control vehicles.

The number of accidents is now double digits as drivers plow through the fence outside.

Highland Park resident Isabelle Gaddie says her fence has been hit over 11 times.

Time after time, drivers continue to plow right through Gaddie’s privacy fence.

“At night when people be drinking, they come thru here and lose control,” said Gaddie. “They used to hit the house; then I put the privacy fence up, so now they’re tearing up the fence, which they’ve done three times in the past 90 days.”

We put drone 4 up in the video player above to show you the scene and have Gaddie explain how this keeps happening.

She lives at the corner of John R Street and the Davison Service Drive in Highland Park.

This is all about drivers going too fast.

“They come off the freeway, and they’re rolling,” Gaddie said. “If they can make it through that first light on Woodward, it seems like they speed up and here (near her home) are in full gear, and if a car is going this way and they can’t stop, then bam!”

One time Gaddie says she was raking leaves in her yard when a car came thru the fence and hit her.

“I’ve been going through rehab and different medical situations ever since,” Gaddie said. “I just keep repairing and patching. It used to be beautiful, and as you see, it’s patched.”

Gaddie says she would like to see speed humps put in place, and it has been suggested that since the privacy fence is on her property, maybe she could use reflective tape to get the attention of speeding drivers and slow them down.

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