Meijer continues to be plagued by card processing issues

Customers say they have been overcharged

Meijer said Chase Bank is to blame.

Meijer shoppers may want to check their debit or credit card statements. The retailer is once again dealing with card processing problems.

Just a few weeks ago, some customers who used their credit or debit cards at Meijer were overcharged because of the same issue.

Bob Pawlusiak is upset and frustrated. He said he stopped into his local Meijer Friday. His total came out to $33.86. The next day, he looked at his checking account and he was in the negative.

“I go, ‘oh my god what happened?’ And I was charged $33.86 12 times,” said Pawlusiak.

He printed out his account statement, emailed Meijer and contacted his credit union. His credit union said they might be able to do something about the charges Monday, but Pawlusiak said that doesn’t help him now. He explained he is on a fixed income and drives for Grub Hub.

“All I know is I’m some $350 in a hole. It took all my, let’s say spending money for the weekend, gas and other items and tomorrow’s my day off. I wanted to do something.” Pawlusiak said.

Meijer released a statement, saying: “Chase Bank continues to have stability issues with the payment processing systems it uses to service many retailers. Unfortunately, Meijer is one of those affected retailers and we are frustrated by the customer experience these issues have created for our shoppers. Chase assures us they are working to correct the issues, and we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Chase gave Local 4 a statement Sunday morning saying, “We are very sorry for the inconvenience the recent transaction processing issues caused Meijer and their customers. All card processing has been restored.  Our teams are working to address any duplicate transactions.”

About the Author:

Megan Woods is thrilled to be back home and reporting at Local 4. She joined the team in September 2021. Before returning to Michigan, Megan reported at stations across the country including Northern Michigan, Southwest Louisiana and a sister station in Southwest Virginia.