Flight cancellations wreaking havoc on travelers locally and nationwide

Staffing issues at root of the problem, according to pilot

Staffing issues at root of the problem, according to pilot

Since Thursday, there has been cancellation after cancellations with flights around the country, with no end in sight.

If you’re traveling anywhere in the next few days, there’s a chance you could be stuck because of a cancellation.

“I think there’s a lot of horrible things that are happening right now all at one time,” said traveler Carol McIntosh.

Hundreds of flights have been stopped all across the country, and McIntosh knows firsthand that pain. Her plans fell through when a traveling companion’s flight was also canceled.

“He just got a notice half an hour ago,” she said.

A lot of the cancellations have been linked to Delta. Over in Atlanta at the world’s busiest airport, nearly 100 flights were canceled just Sunday afternoon alone. Of those, 76 were Delta flights.

And on Saturday, there were 130 cancellations, with 100 of those also being Delta flights. A pilot with the company, Evan Baach, says the issue is clear.

“We are not staffed appropriately for this summer flying,” Baach said.

That is a major problem considering the fact that Friday has been named the busiest traveling day of 2022 With nearly 2.5 million people checked into airports by TSA.

“We don’t have enough pilots and the company is scheduling more flights than they can fly,” the pilot said.

The airline is apologizing for the delay. Just last month, Delta Airlines announced they would be cutting about 100 flights in the network from July until August.

“Looking at the statistics, it’s not a good thing,” McIntosh said. “That’s a real frightening and terrifying thought.”

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