What the future of Michigan abortions might look like, how clinics are preparing for a surge of appointments

State’s 1931 law banning most abortions currently blocked by courts

Many women in neighboring states with abortion restrictions are seeking appointments in Michigan.

Clinics in Michigan are seeing a spike in calls for appointment requests days after the overturning of Roe V Wade.

These appointment requests are being made by those across the county, mostly from residents in states where the abortion bans are starting to be enforced.

“We have seen a 50% increase in requests for abortion appointments compared to the weekend before the Supreme Court decision,” said Ashlea Phenicie of Planned Parenthood Michigan. ”We have seen patients coming from Ohio, Wisconsin, even as far as Oklahoma.”

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While Planned Parenthood doesn’t have an official breakdown of where the increase in calls is coming from specifically, they point to a few different reasons. The uncertainty surrounding the future of abortions in Michigan is pushing some to book appointments sooner than they were planning and what Planned Parenthood is calling “scare tactics” from conservative district attorneys around the state who believe they can begin prosecuting women and doctors even with the court’s hold on the law in place.

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“We have increased our capacity by hiring additional staff,” said Phenicie. “We’re evaluating some policies and procedures to try to make access to care as available as possible.”