Whitmer Administration calls on Biden to make birth control more readily available, affordable

Letter sent in response to the overturn of Roe V. Wade

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking Washington to make birth control available over the counter and more affordable for those who need it.

“In the wake of the overturn of Roe v Wade, we must pull out all the stops to make it easier and more affordable for everyone to secure contraception and take bold steps to protect women by ensuring that health -- not politics -- guides medical decisions,” Whitmer’s team said in a statement. “Let’s work together so women have control over their own bodies.”

An application form from HRA Pharma was sent to the FDA on Monday to ask permission to sell the birth control pill over the counter in the United States. According to the Associated Press, the FDA is required to evaluate HRA’s application publicly.

According to the Whitmer Administration, nearly three dozen medical associations that represent more than a quarter-million medical providers support access to contraception medication over the counter.

Last week, it was reported that Amazon and other retailers were limiting the number of emergency contraceptives customers could purchase. Plan B and the birth control pill are different in accordance with its use. There are many reasons a person would like to incorporate the birth control pill into their everyday routine.

The National Coalition for Sexual Health writes that there are five reasons why those who have a menstrual cycle would need to use the birth control pill.

  1. It helps with irregular periods.
  2. It can stop your periods.
  3. It helps reduce pain during your menstrual cycle.
  4. It helps decrease acne and excessive body hair growth.
  5. It is used to treat PCOS, PMS and PMDD.

The pill has many purposes, but be advised, it doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

You can view the letter Gov. Whitmer sent to President Biden below: