Pet Supplies Plus float to make its debut in America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner White

Several new floats will be introduced at Americas Thanksgiving parade presented by Gardner White. One of those floats is really standing out.

DETROIT – Several new floats will be introduced at the America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner White, and one of them is really standing out.

“Nine brand new floats, it’s crazy. We’ve never done this before. But we’re so excited because it’s going to be so entertaining on Thanksgiving morning,” said Parade Company President and CEO, Tony Michaels.

Mr. Michael spoke exclusively to Local 4 about the very first parade float created for “Pet Supplies Plus”.

“We were founded here over 30 years ago right down the road in Redford Michigan. We’ve got over 60 stores in Michigan. Over 50 around the country. But we’re a Michigan company. So we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this event,” said Pet Supplies Plus CFO, Dan McNamara.

The newest attraction will be cruising down Woodward Avenue come America’s Thanksgiving Parade, presented by Gardner White. McNamara said there’s a deeper reason for the design.

“This float is awesome. It’s split into three sections highlighting three different aspects of Pet Supplies Plus,” McNamara explained.

The front of the float emphasizes the company’s “Same day Delivery vehicle service”, the middle reiterates how it’s America’s favorite neighborhood pet store and the back is supposed to be a reminder that it’s truly an amazing store experience. You probably wouldn’t expect anything less from the nation’s largest independent pet store. But the goal after all is to rev up pet adoptions. We even got to see some of them in person today.

“Out here today, we’ve got animals from the Detroit Animal Center. Couldn’t be more excited to have them here and that just highlights the partnership we have with Pet Supplies Plus with all local shelters and rescues,” said McNamara.

Ultimately it adds a new element to a long-standing Detroit tradition.

“We have so many new sponsors,” Michaels exclaimed. “So many people who are previous sponsors stepping up again. It really truly is going to be the biggest year we’ve ever had.”

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