Metro Detroit veterinarians warn of holiday hazards for pets

‘Unfortunately, we’re seeing higher incidents of edible consumption’

The fun and festive holidays are turning into a danger zone for our pets like Baily, the dog.

Baily was taken to the veterinarian, receiving a fantastic report on his check-up, including his teeth, coat, skin, and belly.

“I think most dogs, especially around holiday time, tend to either get fed stuff or they get into stuff,” said Christine Sisoler.

His pet parents are pretty careful about his access to holiday stuff because they are aware of the hidden and not-so-hidden dangers that enter a house this time of year.

“We don’t keep any holiday plants in our house because they’re poisonous to dogs, so I don’t want to have to worry about it,” Sisoler said.

But even careful pet parents get surprised. What Dr. Kristi Yee of Hometown Veterinary Hospital is seeing in her Rochester office is not just the usual holiday suspects like chocolate and poinsettias.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing higher incidents of edible consumption, and so we’re seeing more and more cases of dogs coming in that have gotten into honors edibles,” said Yee.

Marijuana is legal in Michigan for medicinal and recreational purposes in various forms, and pets are finding the stashes.

“They sort of have a classic presentation,” Yee said. “They’re sort of walking funny and drooling. They could be dribbling urine, but they definitely look off.”

Yee continued:

“Usually, when families are getting together, there’s lots of cooking and lots of high-fatty foods,” Yee said. “We’re not really watching our calories during the holidays. As a result, our pets are also getting some of that high-fat foods.”

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