Abandoned utility poles in this Dearborn Heights neighborhood are piling up, but who owns them?

‘People are calling City Hall, coming to meetings, and we need to get rid of them’

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich.Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi calls on utility companies to clean up after themselves as abandoned poles are stacking up and the people there want something done.

“It is not nice to be left as it looks like garbage,” said Mimoza Mustafa.

Shawn Ley: “This isn’t a storage area.”

Mustafa: “Yes. In front of our yard.”

When Mustafa got home Thursday (Dec. 8) night, she almost tripped over the five power poles left in her yard.

“They have to go,” Mustafa said. “They mess up the lawn. They don’t look good.”

A broken barricade dumped in her front yard also doesn’t look good, as some kind of work was being done there. But now the poles have been left behind.

Bazzi says there are pole problems city-wide.

“The poles are scattered throughout the city,” said Bazzi. “People are calling City Hall, coming to meetings, and we need to get rid of them.”

Bazzi is putting the utility companies on notice who are responsible for poles left around neighborhoods and yards to use them or lose them as

Public Works is poised to come cut them up and haul them off.

“I did a tour of the city the last couple of days driving around, and I at least counted 20, 25 poles in the last day or so driving around,” Bazzi said.

Bazzi has called and emailed utility companies and has yet to get a response.

“They’ve been here for several months,” Bazzi said. “Some of the poles have been here for eight, nine months.”

The deadline for the companies to retrieve them is Dec. 31.

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