Here’s what to expect from Michigan Legislature in 2023

A new year and new control in the Michigan Legislature as for the first time in 40 years, Democrats will hold the State House of Representatives, State Senate, and Governor’s office.

On expected, Speaker-Elect Joe Tate’s (D-Detroit) agenda is gun and labor law reforms, repealing the state’s abortion ban, and more investment in infrastructure with an eye on environmental protections.

Local 4 tried multiple times over the course of several days to reach Speaker-Elect Tate for an interview about his vision for 2023. We have yet to receive a comment back by phone or email.

This new session also marks the first time in 40 years Republicans find themselves in the minority in this way.

Minority Leader Matt Hall (R-Richland Twp) is optimistic about starting the new session and is looking for ways forward to lower taxes and bring Michigan more manufacturing businesses and jobs.

“Those are two areas Michigan needs to improve drastically on, and I think speaker elect and I have started on that path,” said Hall. “I think you’ll see us working together on those things over the next two years as well.”

Hall also says despite Democratic control, compromise will need to happen. The split in the house is just a single vote.

“When you have such a narrow majority then they do, that is not a mandate,” Hall said. “That is a signal from the people. They want us working together on the things that matter most. That’s what I intend to do.”