Detroit high school senior awarded 1.7M in scholarship offers

Student has chosen Eastern Michigan University for college

DETROIT – A high school senior in Detroit has been awarded $1.7 million in scholarship offers.

17-year-old Tatyana Alves is the senior that’s leaving high school with over a million dollars in scholarship offers.

“It feels really good. I never expected the story to go this far. I aspire to be an entrepreneur. Just so I can live life comfortably and give back to my community,” said Alves.

The future business administration major is a part of the first graduating class at Mary Grove High School.

“It feels amazing because we’re like not known. We’re an application high school, but we’re like less known of. So it’s pretty cool to make our name known,” Alves added.

As it turns out, she won’t even need the assistance of any of the scholarships because her education is already paid for.

“I get to go to school for free, but it’s through Detroit Promise. I opted out of using my scholarship money, and I went through Detroit Promise,” Alves explained.

She’s not just known for academics but has also been voted the most positive person in the class, but even with that comes many obstacles.

“Just going through life itself, like having to juggle school and work at the same time and still trying to figure out school strong,” said Alves.

At the end of the day, she knows she will be an inspiration to other students who want to do the same.

“Everybody’s always worried about their future. I would say stay present because when you take care of the present, you take care of the past and the future,” Alves insisted.

Tatyana is planning to go to Eastern Michigan University.

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