Detroit ice cream shop owner apologizes after DMing customer for not leaving tip

Customer was tracked down on social media by owner

DETROIT – The owner of a Detroit Midtown ice cream shop apologized on Wednesday after tracking down a customer on social media for not leaving a tip.

The owner of Cold Truth Soft Serve in Midtown, Tim Mahony, contacted Shante Fagans after she paid a visit to the popular vegan ice cream shop on Tuesday. She told Local 4 that her order was about $12 and she paid by card.

“I usually leave a tip,” said Fagans, who added that she didn’t have money for a tip this time.

Shortly after, Fagans got a message from the owner via the ice cream shop’s Instagram page:

“Hi, just writing a note to convey that we operate in a tipped business model. We’ve considered building in the costs into the price, but we’ve chosen not to, to make our ice cream as available as possible. We haven’t raised our prices since we’ve been open despite the fact that ingredients have Newmarket doubled in price. If we haven’t risen to a level that you feel is worthy of a gratuity, we absolutely understand. Thank you, Tim.”

Fagans told Local 4 she felt attacked. She called and spoke directly to Mahony to explain her perspective and hoped for an apology.

On Wednesday, Fagans told Local 4 that Mahony messaged her to apologize, saying in part, “I realize that my actions overstepped a social boundary, and I am deeply sorry for any distress that my actions have caused.”

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