Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans carjacked, robbed in the city

Winans was pumping gas when robbery happened

DETROIT - Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans was carjacked Wednesday afternoon as he pumped gas in the city.

The robbery and carjacking happened just before 5 p.m. at a gas station near the intersection of Linwood and Davison.

Pastor Winans, of Perfecting Church, told Local 4 he went inside the gas station to pay when he noticed a group of young men hanging inside the store not buying anything. He said he thought it was strange, but he went about his business.

Once he went back to pump gas that's when he was jumped by at least four men.

Uncut: Winans discusses robbery, carjacking

Winans suffered several cuts and bruises to his face, hands and arms. His pants were also torn to shreds.

"I was on the ground and then they went to kicking me and trying to get the money out of my pocket," said Winans. "When I stood up I called on Jesus, I said 'Jesus', and they started running. I got up and my car was gone."

The attackers were able to steal his 2012 QX56 purple Infinity sedan and his wallet.

Winans said none of the attackers drew a weapon.

He said a passerby from his church stopped and helped him, taking him to his church.


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