Macomb County father describes struggle with son's K2 addiction

Bill Miskokomon says he's sent 17-year-old son to rehab for addition to synthetic drug

By Shawn Ley - Reporter
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MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - Bill Miskokomon of Shelby Township broke down in tears talking about the day last week he took his 17-year-old son to Detroit's Metro Airport.

He was putting his son on a flight, alone.

His destination: A rehabilitation facility in South Dakota.

"It was tough. I'm not there to protect my son," Miskokomon said.  

Miskokomon's son is addicted to K2.

It's an addiction that began when his son was 15.

Miskokomon says he noticed packets of the designer drugs in his house. It was marked "incense" and this dad admits he had no idea what it was for an no clue his son was smoking it.

What Miskokomon did know is that he son was withdrawing from their family, that his grades were falling and that the teen seemed angry all the time. Miskokomon suspected drugs and began testing his son. All tests came back clear of any illegal drugs. 

Miskokomon looked up the packets of the incense and then it dawned on him. His son was smoking K2 constantly. All day, every day. 

"I did not know. Nobody knew," Miskokomon said.  

Now, Miskokomon is fighting. Fighting for his son and fighting to get K2 out of stores. He's asked gas station owners in Shelby Township to take stop selling it. He begged one clerk to not sell it to his son. He says the owner and clerk verbally abused him and chased him from the store. 

Since then he's learned some gas stations are making up to $10,000 per month selling K2 to kids.

Miskokomon has started a Facebook page for parents to talk to each other about their kids and the synthetic drug.

He's organized protests outside a shop he says is one of the worst offenders. 

He also knows that K2 is available on-line, making parental involvement more important than ever. 

"That's I'm fighting. Fighting for my son, fighting K2," Miskokomon said.

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