Michigan man accused of being a spy lashes out in Russian court

Bond denied

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®, Kayla Clarke

DETROIT - Paul Whelan, of Novi, was seen in court Thursday standing behind glass as the media watched his every move.

Whelan is accused by Russian authorities of being a spy for the U.S. A translator was not available for Whelan in court. His bond was denied and he will remain in a high security prison during the proceedings.

The scene was difficult for Whelan's brother, David, but David Whelan said he did find some small comfort.

"He's really getting angry, and in a way, that was good to see. Although it was hard to see because you realize that the frustration of being caged the frustration of being isolated," David Whelan said. "It's just a farce. It's a circus."

More frustrating to David Whelan is the fact he believes he knows how things are going to end with Paul Whelan. He believes Paul Whelan will be convicted and used as a pawn in a political chess match.

"And he will be convicted because everybody who is charged with this and tried in Russia is convicted," David Whelan said. "We are really hopeful the U.S. government's going going to step in and do something."

Paul Whelan will be allowed to see American diplomats Friday, his first consular visit in weeks.

David Whelan said he was happy to hear the U.S. State Department was getting outraged at Paul Whelan's treatment and hopes it continues putting on the political pressure.

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