US Census Bureau to miss deadline for the first time

Preliminary numbers show Michigan could 1 House seat

Census Bureau to miss deadline

It will be the first time the Census Bureau has missed the deadline to turn in its numbers since it was created in 1976.

The Trump Administration wants to exclude those who are in the United States illegally from the count. It is unclear if the numbers will be in before the end of his term on Jan. 20.

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Data from the census is key for a variety of reasons such as federal funding for states, but it determines what kind of representation a state has in Congress.

Michigan’s preliminary numbers show a 1% increase. However, the average increase in the United States is above 6%.

It could mean the state potentially losing a congressional seat and one of the 16 electoral votes. Whose seat would be eliminated will be decided next year.

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Michigan could lose 1 House seat, census estimate shows

Preliminary numbers from the U.S. census indicate Michigan could lose clout in Washington, D.C. and in the Electoral College.

While Michigan’s population grew about 1% since the last census in 2010, the national average for population growth was 6% this year.

The final census numbers are not official, but the preliminary numbers put Michigan’s population at 9,986,857 versus the 9,884,116 in 2010.

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