Survey: Are you going back to Michigan restaurants? (Results)

Michigan restaurants will be opening to indoor dining this week, but do you feel safe about going?

The main concern in restaurants has been the need to remove masks to eat and drink. Health officials have identified indoor dining as one of the easiest places for the virus to spread.

We ran a quick survey of our COVID newsletter subscribers -- here are the results:

Our quick little survey of subscribers to our COVID updates newsletter revealed what many of you may have already guessed: People don’t feel safe going back to indoor dining right now, even though the state has relaxed COVID restrictions to allow patrons back inside to sit at tables.

  • 66% of our survey participants said “NO,” they won’t be going back right now.
  • 61% said they DO NOT feel it is safe for restaurants to resume indoor dining right now in Michigan.

Here are some of the qualitative responses we received:

“I think it’s still too soon and not yet safe enough. Some of the largest outbreaks have been traced back to indoor dining at restaurants.”

“I’ve come to far and been through too much to give in now with the vaccine on the horizon.”

“Still too early with new variations of the virus. Don’t understand how the hours of operation are determined.”

“Still feel people will get too close and start spreading again. Just get takeouts.”

“I am immunocomprimised so I will not be going.”

“It’s all about the pandemic. When a much larger percentage of the population gets vaccinated then it will feel more comfortable going into restaurants. It’s all about the positivity rates and shots in the arm.”

“I believe that contact tracing has pointed back to restaurants as being one of the greatest ways of spreading the virus.”

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