Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to clarify new COVID rules

Businesses struggle to balance safety and privacy under new COVID rules
Businesses struggle to balance safety and privacy under new COVID rules

DETROIT – Michigan businesses have been grappling with the latest COVID rules and guidelines since they began Monday.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration department said they’re pulling back on restrictions, but things don’t seem to have changed much.

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Rules will change again Monday, but many businesses are requiring customers to wear a mask. For many business owners, the questions arise about employees inside and what they can and cannot do.

“People are walking in, ‘Do I have to wear a mask? If I’m vaccinated do I have to?’” said Vicari Restaurant Group owner Joe Vicari. “Are we allowed to ask the customers if they’re vaccinated? Because we’ve got a lot of people coming in and say they’re not going to wear a mask and we can’t ask them.”

There is no law regarding asking someone about their vaccinations status. In fact, according to Michigan Medicine, businesses not only have the legal right, but they might be legally obligated to protect employees and other customers.

Vicari said customers will still get their temperatures taken as the come in, but other than that, they’re free to sit down maskless and gather as the six-person limit was removed this week.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce said they’re aware business owners are perplexed and that they are doing what they can to end the confusion.

Vicari said there’s only one good answer and it’s to play things safe.

“We’re asking our employees to continue to wear your mask for anybody that comes in,” Vicari said. “A customer who feels they are still fearful in any way, we want to ease that from them.”

MIOSHA’s director of COVID safety put out a video to give more clarity to some issues. It can be watched below.

More information on MIOSHA Emergency Rules can be found on the official website here.

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