Bigfoot believers hunting for the mythical creature in Michigan

Is Michigan man trading gifts with Bigfoot?

The mythos of Bigfoot is alive and well in Michigan.

I recently stumbled upon a TikTok page of a Michigan man who says he’s exchanging gifts with a mysterious creature, which he thinks could be the elusive Sasquatch.

Casey Dostert didn’t want to reveal where in Michigan he lives but he says it’s in the Upper Lower Peninsula.

For nearly two years, Dostert has been documenting these alleged encounters, sharing them on his TikTok channel, racking up thousands and sometimes millions of views.

When I found Dostert on TikTok, it came when Michigan was seeing a slew of reported Bigfoot sightings, including this viral video said to have been taken on the Cass River.

This flurry of Bigfoot activity piqued my interest, so I decided to see what these sightings or encounters were all about.

Naturally, I reached out to the Bigfoot experts and I was enlightened by the beliefs of Bigfoot believers.

Check out the video in the player above to see what I learned.

Now if you’re wondering If I believe in Bigfoot, I would say that answer is complicated. And if you’re wondering if I believe the people I interviewed, I would say I believe they believe in their experiences with the mythical beast.

Judge it for yourself.