Suspects in court for University of Michigan medical student's murder

Prosecutors try to link Paul DeWolf murder suspects to stolen computer, PlayStation

By Roger Weber - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -

Prosecutors are trying to connect the dots between stolen items including a computer and defendants Joie Jordan and Shaquille Jones.

Police say the laptop was stolen from a neighbor of murder victim Paul DeWolf shortly before he was killed. Jayson Atkins says he bought the laptop from Jordan.

Prosecutor: "Did you give this person $200 dollars?

Atkins: "Yes, sir."

Prosecutor: "And did you take possession of the laptop?

Atkins: "Yes, sir."

He said he resold the laptop. A "find my Mac" application helped police recover it in Detroit.

The night DeWolf was shot to death a PlayStation was taken from his home. Police say Jordan sold that, too.

Prosecutor: "How much did you pay?"

Witness Patrick Davis: "$75"

Prosecutor: "Who did you pay?"

Davis: "Joie."

Police say Jordan's thumbprint was found on a windowsill. An Ypsilanti resident testified he heard Jordan talking about DeWolf's death.

"When they walked in the guy woke up startled. There was tussling with a gun and the gun went off," said witness Michael Robertson.

DeWolf was 25 years old. He was a 4th-year medical student who planned to join the Air Force.

His mother was in the courtroom. Defendant Jordan smiled or laughed several times during the hearing.

Both defendants are charged with murder and home invasion. They have been bound over on all counts.

-- Paul DeWolf

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