Mike Bloomberg faces criticism after hiring wife of Wayne County Executive Warren Evans

Mike Bloomberg and Warren Evans.
Mike Bloomberg and Warren Evans.

DETROIT – Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is facing criticism after hiring the wife of Wayne County County Executive Warren Evans.

Evans’ wife, Renata, had been working as a field organizer in the weeks leading to Warren Evans endorsing Bloomberg for president.

The Bloomberg campaign defended the hiring in the following statement:

“We are proud to have nearly 100 staff on our Michigan team, including talented local leaders like Renata. Any implication that we hired Renata for any reason other than her skill and expertise is complete fiction and an insult to the hard work and dedication she shows every day engaging with voters on behalf of our campaign.”

This is the statement of support from Jim Martinez, spokesman for Evans:

“Warren Evans supports Mike Bloomberg because Mike is the only Democratic candidate who has expressly acknowledged the generational wealth gap for communities of color and has a bold plan to close that gap and lift up all Americans.”

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