Video shows thief walking away with Detroit boy's beloved dog

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

DETROIT - A dog named Cobra means everything to an 11-year-old boy with special needs, but that dog was stolen in front of him from his family's backyard.

It happened in the area of Morang Avenue and McKinney Street on Detroit's east side Friday afternoon. Christian had just gotten off the bus and was walking to his driveway when he noticed two people walking away with a puppy that looked just like his.

He ran to the backyard and saw the dog house was empty, that's when he went running after them. Heartbreaking video shows the child running after the thieves who have his puppy. The fourth grade student has autism and he just wanted the pair to bring back his pit bull mix.

At first, it looked like the pair were going to return the dog. While Christian is trying to make sense of what is happening the thief motions for the bus driver to leave.

The bus driver couldn't leave until Christian was inside his home, so the pair worked to get the child back inside. As he worked to open the door the pair walked away with his dog.

Watch the video above for the full report.

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