Video shows woman in security uniform beating homeless man at Detroit liquor store

Victim says woman wanted $30

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®, Amber Ainsworth

DETROIT - A homeless man claims a woman beat him Sunday at a Detroit liquor store.

John Phillip Boble said he was drunk when the woman, who was wearing a security uniform, allegedly asked him for $30. When he didn't have the money, she attacked him. The assault left him with a black eye.

The woman is a customer at the east side liquor store where Boble sometimes helps out in exchange for beer. He claims he knows the woman well and allowed her to hit him without swinging back.

"I should have hit her back but I don't hit women," Boble said.

Boble didn't say what he may have said to provoke the attack, but he said he wants to press charges against the woman.

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