Family cat found tortured, killed in Taylor

TAYLOR, Mich. – Jamie Lowe never once fathomed something like this would happen to her cat, Zsa Zsa Maroney. 

Yes, it's a funny name. But it was perfect for a cat with a quirky personality. 

"She would come running right up to greet you. She's not there anymore and it's like we have a void," said Lowe. 

Zsa Zsa went missing. After a day, Lowe and her family went looking. She was found up against a tree in the woods. At first, they thought she was hit by a four-wheeler. 

"But when I went to shovel her up to put her in the box I noticed, because it was the white string and she's white, I noticed and said, 'What the hell? She's got something wrapped around her legs,'" said Lowe.

Her body was hog-tied to a tree limb. She was tortured, choked, mutilated and killed. 

"It's a like a future serial killer or something. This is how Jeffrey Dahmer started his career, you know what I mean?" said Lowe.

She filed a report with the Taylor Police Department. However, there is very little evidence and no clear connection to the evil person who did this.

"Now I'm thinking, should I put up a privacy fence with barbed wire? I don't know who is going to come in our backyard," said Lowe.

Lowe is convinced more than one person is responsible. They are offering a reward, hoping that at least one of them has a conscience. You can call Crime Stoppers at 800-SPEAK-UP to leave an anonymous tip. 

Zsa Zsa was 3 years old. She had been rescued from an animal shelter. 

About the Author:

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