Michigan cat who went missing in October turns up in Florida

How does a cat from Metro Detroit end up in Tampa, Florida? The owners are asking the same question.

A cat named Daisy, who calls (meows) Dearborn home, went missing shortly before Halloween, according to the owner's GoFundMe page.

The cat was found in Florida thanks to a microchip. Apparently the cat followed a woman home in Tampa and the woman brought the cat to a veterinary office, where they were able to identify the owners.

"We don’t know if he hitched a ride in a moving van or a snowbird took him down to Florida," cat owner and Dearborn resident Judy Sanborn wrote.

The family was raising $500 to pay to send the cat back home and as of Monday morning, they reached their goal.

If you own a cat, you know how odd and mysterious they can be. We'll never know what really happened but we're glad Daisy is okay.