Tips on keeping your dogs, cats warm during extremely low temps

DETROIT – Detroit is in the thick of winter, and the cold weather and snow can be very dangerous for humans and animals. 

Extreme weather conditions are quickly approaching, and Dr. Corey Gut, with the DePorre Veterinary Hospital in Bloomfield Hills, says pet owners need to be careful. 

"When we get extreme weather conditions, we have to be extra cautious, because being outside for even a limited amount of time can cause some pretty major problems for pets," said Gut. "If the temperatures are extreme and uncomfortable for us even bundled up in coats, they're going to be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous for our pets, too."

That means time outside in general should be cut or very limited, including dog walks. 

"They look forward to that outdoor enrichment, but in some cases, it's just plain not safe for them," said Gut. 

The same goes for cats, though it can be difficult to keep an eye on an outdoor cat. 

"Even if we try to prevent them from going outside, a lot of times, they sneak out the door," said Gut. 

Ine thing to consider is getting a GPS tracker for your cat.  

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