Missing dog found in Michigan reunites with owner after disappearing from Tennessee

Missy takes flight to owner's new home in Georgia

A year and a half ago Missy was reported as missing from Georgia, a few days ago she was found in Macomb County

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Missy, a terrier mix, disappeared from her Tennessee home about a year and a half ago.

On Thursday, the dog was on a flight back to her owner after she was found in Michigan last week.

The dog was spotted last Friday near the area of Hayes and 16 Mile roads in Clinton Township.

She was brought to Macomb County Animal Control, where her microchip was scanned and brought up an active phone number.

Missy's owner, Marcelle Alleyne now lives on Georgia-Alabama border

"Now, we're like, 'How do we get the dog all the way to Georgia?'" said Chief Jeff Randazzo, with Macomb County Animal Control. "We'll drive the dog. It's a 10-hour drive."

But Randazzo didn't have to drive the dog. A former neighbor of Macomb County Animal Control worker Jillian Kane is a pilot. So, he offered to give the pooch a private plane ride down south, and at about 2 p.m. Thursday, Missy and Alleyne were reunited.

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