Watch the ‘All 4 Pets’ Dec. 18 Special

Bunny rescue, gift ideas, a new spokescat, cute dogs and more

The cuteness quotient is off the charts on our All 4 Pets Special that recently aired on Local 4. See segments from the show below along with related links.

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Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Bunny lovers will go inside the The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Whittaker, Michigan, a peaceful paradise for domestic bunnies -- but they’d still rather have a forever home. Go inside a place that cares for homeless rabbits until their lucky families come along and adopt them.

For more information about GLRS go to rabbitsanctuary.org.

Alaskan Malamute Social Media Stars

Sled dog siblings Cheyenne and Yukon are celebrities in their hometown. Their fluffy coats and sweet personalities win them fans wherever they go -- and on social media.

You can follow the adventures of these friendly Alaskan malamutes on their Facebook page.

The Fluffy Face of All 4 Pets & 'Put Your Pet in a Promo’ Contest

The new All 4 Pets spokespet is a handsome ginger hunk named Wesley, and he’s ready to reign. He’s the floofiest puffball, and he’s proud to wear the crown. Should YOUR pet be next? Enter here!

AGT Pets

America’s Got Talent, and America’s pets do too! If you (or your pets) have a talent that Simon Cowell has just got to see, AGT auditions are coming to Metro Detroit in January. You must sign up ahead of time, so click here.

Pet Lovers Gift List

If you’ve got pet lovers on your shopping list, we have a bunch of unusual gift ideas for people obsessed with their pets. The perfect presents for people who LOVE their animals are here, along with links to where we found them:

Cuddle Clones - custom stuffed animals, slippers and more

Pop Your Pup - pop art of your pet, even phone cases and ornaments

Crown and paw - Your pet in Renaissance art

Uncommon Goods - Gorgeous goldfish duvet

Goldfish tea - black tea bag in a lovely goldfish shape

Cookie cutter - make your pet into cute cookies at home

Cake mold - bake and decorate your own cat-shaped cake

WOOFIE - take perfect pet selfies

David Oreck - pet odor eliminating candles

Plush pillow - huggable, cute guinea pig

Uncommon Goods - Little veterinarian toy set

Furreal - wide variety of plush and virtual pets

Therapy Dogs