All 4 Pets has a new spokesdog!

Meet Nemo and check out his sweet ride

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo (WDIV)

Winner of the “Put Your Pet In a Promo” contest, All 4 Pets’ reigning king, Wesley, has passed the crown on to a new very good boy. His name is Nemo, and yes, he is as cute as his name sounds. And just like his namesake, he won’t let his physical disability stop him from being an energetic and curious adventurer!

Nemo was born with a disability that caused his front paws to grow curved inward, and so he can’t walk on them like your everyday four-legged friend. Instead he has a few (incredibly cute) methods of motoring around with all the speed he likes to have. Sometimes he’ll walk on his elbows, and the only problem with this is that he REALLY doesn’t care for linoleum floors. He wonders why humans make such slippery stepping surfaces anyway, don’t their paws slide about too? He chooses to simply leap over them to the next rug his mom put down for him.

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo and his family (WDIV)

Another way that he moves around, but only really when he’s on the comfy carpets at home, is by resting the side of his face on the ground and scooching himself forward with his back legs. This is an especially cute method. I mean, how could mom resist giving him treats if he scoots over to her like that and looks up from under his doggie lashes?

He likes to stand on his hind legs while watching squirrels run around in the back yard. Dad says Nemo looks like a squirrel too when he stands like that, but Nemo definitely doesn’t agree because squirrels are the WORST. Even if they are fun to bark at and chase...

Finally, Nemo’s snazziest mode of transportation: his wheels! He has a specially fitted wheelchair that he puts on whenever he goes for a walk outside where there are rough sidewalks. He also wears it out on the town and to the mall, where he is a local celebrity. His sweet ride catches everyone’s attention.

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo (WDIV)

In his free time he likes to decorate the livingroom with the puffy white stuff from inside his doggy bed. He’s not sure why his mom keeps removing his hard work, though. He also likes to play with his big brother, Lucky. They’re both very noisy boys and love to announce the good news to the whole world when a guest visits the house. Nemo has learned a lot from his big brother, like how fun it is to harmonize with him when Lucky starts howling. Also that walks are really, REALLY good.

All 4 Pets spokespet Nemo napping with Lucky (WDIV)

Nemo’s mom and dad are SO proud of Nemo for becoming the new All 4 Pets spokesdog! They’re especially happy because they want everyone to see how charming and fun a special needs dog is. Their dream is that Nemo can influence many people to adopt and love special needs animals. They’ve had one other special needs dog, and now Nemo, and they want everyone to know that it isn’t any more difficult or much more pricey to care for a special needs animal. Plus, they’re the ones who really need a forever home where they’re loved just the way they are.

You can meet him on the next All 4 Pets special March 26th at 9:30 p.m. on Local 4.

For more Nemo check out his Facebook page and Instagram account called Rollin’ with Nemo.

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