All 4 Pets has a new Spokescat!

Meet Wesley, the new fluffy face of All 4 Pets

Wesley has always been told that he’s a beautiful cat, so it’s no surprise for him to win the honor of being All 4 Pets’ new spokescat!

His momma, Kaitlyn Sheets, got him about four years ago after he was born in a barn in Romulus. She grew up with cats and always wanted her "own little furbaby.”

As a baby, Kaitlyn said he was “just a little orange puffball,” and she’s always preferred fluffy cats over short-hair, so it was a perfect fit. When she brought him home he was in a tiny box that didn’t even look big enough to hold a cat, but then he came out of it like a firecracker; immediately running around and playing. He was comfortable right away, as if he knew it was his new forever home.

Kaitlyn wanted to name her firstborn son Wesley, and this cat was practically that to her. The name definitely suits his handsome face and dapper coloring!

Wesley is calm during the day but at night always wants to play. He likes to lay on his back and sprawl out - but don’t be fooled and try to touch his belly! He’s very curious, friendly, and even does well with dogs. Kaitlyn likes that Wesley does his own thing because she works a lot, but he also likes to cuddle, so he’s best of both worlds.

Our spokescat was a little camera shy at first, but warmed up when he got a yummy treat. This could be "his chance to really break out as a star,” so he has new toys and is ready to show off!

You can meet him on the next All 4 Pets special Wednesday the 18th at 8 p.m. on Local 4.

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