Watch: New ‘All 4 Pets’ Special

Snowy owls, vets doing hospice, a new spokesdog, and more

The new 'All 4 Pets' special features snowy owls, vets doing hospice, a new spokesdog, and more.

All the animal cuteness you need right now was packed into our new All 4 Pets Special!

Below you can see how to track snowy owls nearby, learn about vets doing hospice and blood donations for kitties and doggies in need, meet the new All 4 Pets spokespet, and more!

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All About Snowy Owls

Hardworking volunteer scientists keep an eye on the safety of snowy owls such as one named Buckeye, who seems to love the Detroit metro airport. Track Buckeye and the other stunning snowy owls of Project SNOWstorm here:

Learn more about the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Ohio:

Hospice Giving Love to Dogs and Cats

It’s, of course, the hardest part of owning a pet to have to say goodbye one day. Dedicated veterinarians help families to cope with this difficult time, make a plan for care, and help to make hard decisions. For more information about Dr. Ellen LaFramboise and the Crossroads Veterinary Hospice:

Canine and Feline Blood Donation

Ever wonder how sick pets get those life-saving blood transfusions that they, too, can need? Well, brave dogs and sweet kitties can help other animals by donating at a pet blood bank! CLICK HERE for more about MSU’s Veterinary Medical Center Blood Donor Program.

The New Face of All 4 Pets is ‘Rollin’

The new All 4 Pets spokespet is a super excited boy named Nemo, and he’s ready to reign as the first special needs pet to sit on the throne! This time we’re “Rollin’ with Nemo” and we can’t wait to see more of our new adorable representative. He wants you to know that special needs pets like him deserve your love, too! Learn more about him HERE.

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