Why you need to prepare your dog for after the COVID-19 pandemic

Many pets, owners have spent more time together during pandemic

Why you need to prepare your dog for the post-pandemic world

This year, pet owners have been able to spend a lot of quality time with their dogs, but when the COVID-19 pandemic ends, the world will start going back to normal, and that means less time together.

While many people are at home and feeling isolated from the rest of the world, animal shelters can’t keep up with demand. But hopefully sometime next year, everyone can start returning to their lives away from the house, and that could be difficult for dogs.

Right now, many people are seeking solace and companionship with their pets.

Nate Ford, who has a new puppy, said he knows one day he won’t be working from home anymore. He’s making sure to get his dog properly trained and socialized.

Liz Blondy, the owner of Canine To Five, said if dog owners don’t take real, deliberate steps now, dogs are going to struggle when their humans go back to work.

“The dog has got to get used to it,” Blondy said.

There are specific ways new pandemic puppy owners should be working to keep their dogs from falling into the trap.

First, make sure you get out of the house and leave your dog home alone.

“Leaving your dog home alone, working on crate training,” Blondy said. “Not letting your dog be with you all the time.”

Also, it’s important to take dogs out of the house.

“Take your dog on a ton of adventures,” Blondy said. “As much as possible.

Get your dog accustomed to people of the opposite sex from a safe distance. A dog who lives with a single woman could become fearful of the size and scent of a man.

“Dogs that aren’t exposed to many things are afraid of many things,” Blondy said.

Finally, teach your dog independence.

“Socialize your dog to things in your own home,” Blondy said.

You can hear more from Blondy and Ford in Paula Tutman’s full video above.

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