How to ease pets back into regular life after the pandemic

People at home more than usually due to COVID

How to ease pets back into regular life after the pandemic.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been home a lot more than usual.

They’re working, learning, eating carryout and spending more time at the house than ever before.

Pets are loving all the quality time, but if life returns to as it was before the pandemic it will be a big adjustment for pets. A behavior expert at Michigan Humane shares the best way to ease pets back into it.

If you have a pet who’s gotten really attached, now is the time to start practicing being apart. Start with shorter lengths of time.

The trick is to change your pets perception of what alone time means for them. Usually it’s a little lonely and probably pretty boring. But you can help adjust their associations.

Adjusting back to a normal routine may not happen overnight, so be patient with your pet.

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