Meet the newest All 4 Pets spokespets: Dexter and Alfred

Here are the latest All 4 Pets spokespets.

DETROIT – Between the great outdoors, a muddy trail and undivided attention from their two parents -- Dexter and Alfred are in their happiest place when they’re at Belle Isle.

Dexter is a 6-year-old German Shepherd cattle dog mix. Dexter was rescued by Samantha and Garrett after someone in Toledo listed him on the internet.

“I call him my heart dog because he literally is like me as a dog. Him and I are just completely inseparable, which is great,” Samantha Hageman said.

Five years after rescuing Dexter Samantha and her partner Garrett Gaina were ready for a second dog. They found Alfred the Corgi through a rescue that saves dogs from the Yulin meat market in China.

The boys bonded right away, and even though Alfred is younger and smaller he sometimes seems like the big brother. His parents said that Alfred is very protective of Dexter.

Both dogs love outdoor adventures. As soon as Dexter sees his leash, he knows it’s time to go. Dexter has been to 48 states and visited all five Great Lakes. The family’s next goal is to hit all of Michigan’s state parks.

Samantha and Garrett are engaged and plan to bring Dexter and Alfred along on their honeymoon road trip through Canada to Alaska.

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