Live at 8: All 4 Pets special on Local 4

All 4 Pets Special. (All 4 Pets Special.)

Catch Local 4′s newest All 4 Pets special on Thursday night!

The special airs at 8 p.m. on Local 4, and streaming on Local 4+ and ClickOnDetroit. Watch it live in the video player below:

Here’s what to expect:

Our new WDIV-Local 4 promo star is a jumping spider named Sora! Learn more about how she helped her own get over her fears, plus amazing facts about how smart and athletic jumping spiders are.

Come along on a photo shoot with a professional pet photographer. Kat Ku shows what makes her work unique, and shares ideas to make your next impromptu “phone photo” session with your pet yield better results. And if a professional pet photo session sounds fun to you, check out who won top honors in that category (and many others) in our Vote 4 the Best 2022 edition contest.

Fall migration is in full swing, with many birds making their way south for the winter after summering here in Michigan to have their babies. One woman has multiple camera setups in her backyard to catch the action as birds go about their daily business. From still pics to streaming video, she shares glimpses into the social lives of all the animals who live with us – and often goes viral because her images are so unique, beautiful, or even funny. (Check it out here)

We’re used to the idea of homeless dogs and cats looking for their forever families, but sometimes more unusual pets need to be adopted too. Saving Grace Miniature Horse Rescue in Saint Clair County offers safe haven for the smallest equines who often have nowhere else to turn. Some rescues become “sanctuary horses” and live out their days with the herd at the farm, but others are adoptable and would make a great addition someone’s family.

You met Sora our first spokespider – should your pet be next? We’re looking for our next promo star, and your pet could be a contender. Just click here to enter him or her by uploading the cutest photo and telling us why they deserve the honor of appearing on TV! We get so many great entries it’s always hard to choose, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.