'Shattered: White Boy Rick' podcast chronicles improbable life story of Rick Wershe, Jr.

Series features extensive interviews, including with Rick Wershe, Jr.

From WDIV Local 4 and Graham Media Group, "Shattered: White Boy Rick" is an eight-episode series about one of Detroit's most notorious criminals.

The series will be available in podcast form. Whether you're new to podcasts or looking to expand your library, here's a look at what you can expect when listening to the series and how to listen the moment it's released.

What is the podcast about?

At 14, Rick Wershe Jr. became the youngest FBI informant ever and helped bring down some of Detroit's biggest drug dealers.

Then the FBI abandoned him, and he became the dealer, until being busted with eight kilos of cocaine. Wershe has been in prison ever since.

Hosted by WDIV investigative reporter, Kevin Dietz, "Shattered: White Boy Rick" chronicles Wershe's improbable life story.

What can I expect to hear?

The series features extensive interviews with Wershe, former drug bosses, law enforcement officials, legal professionals, family and friends of Wershe, as well as an exclusive interview with Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey, who plays the part of Richard Wershe, Sr. in the new film, "White Boy Rick."

When can I listen to the series?

The entire season drops Sept. 6, 2018. Scroll down below for direct links to subscribe now to receive episodes once they're available.

How do I listen to a podcast?

There are multiple ways to listen to a podcast, such as on a website featuring episodes from a series, or with an app on your smartphone or music player. Visiting the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android is a great place to start on your phone to search for dedicated podcast apps. Using a music player, such as Apple's iTunes, is another place to find podcasts.

"Shattered: White Boy Rick" is available on multiple services. You can find direct links on where to subscribe or download episodes from the series below.

What happens when I subscribe to a podcast? Does this cost anything?

When you "subscribe" to a podcast, think of it as signing up for an email newsletter or breaking news alerts. The moment new episodes arrive, you'll be notified so you can choose to download the podcast to listen to. You also have an option to have those episodes automatically download to your devices.

While listening to most podcast series, such as "Shattered: White Boy Rick," are free, be mindful of any charges you may accrue from downloading data on certain plans. Some apps allow you to download podcasts only when on a Wi-Fi connection.

How can I listen to the 'Shattered: White Boy Rick' podcast?

Subscribe now to get free episodes of "Shattered: White Boy Rick" when they are released. Go here to visit the official website, click on one of the following links to listen or find the series wherever you may get your podcasts.

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Where can I find new podcasts?

New podcast series are easy to find with the services mentioned above, along with other podcast apps and services. These often have a search feature, a section that ranks popular podcasts at the moment or a place in which the service highlights a certain series right on its starting page.

Click here to learn more about "Shattered: White Boy Rick," along with finding a link highlighting the first season of "Shattered" available now, called "Black Friday."