Like Square Pegs in Round Holes...

Things don't always fit together neatly. Life would be really boring if they did.

Join host Roger Weber, as he explores mismatches, along with their intriguing challenges and consequences. New episodes every Thursday!

S02 E01:

The Original Siamese Twins

As conjoined twins, Chang and Eng Bunker’s lives were astonishing. Their adventure, beginning in 1811 in what is now Thailand and ending in America, was completely out of line with what anybody could have expected.

S02 E02:

Dueling Doctors

A 40-year feud between two of the most prominent surgeons in the world.

S02 E03:

The House That Beards Built

In a lot of ways, The House of David religious colony seems too good to be true. Between their baseball team, the amusement park, the zoo and the warm relations they had with their neighbors. Of course, we might not be talking about the group at all right now, had the tides not taken a turn.

S02 E04:

The Amazonian Expedition that Nearly Killed Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt seemed invincible. But now, feverish and emaciated, he was ready for his life to end on The River of Doubt

S02 E05 & E06:

Hidden Letters: The Fascinating Story of One Family's Secret History Pt. 1 & 2

Tim Mallad is the unlikely discoverer and steadfast keeper of a stranger’s story. One family’s tragedy grabbed him and wouldn't let go. For the story to finally emerge, 70 years later, strange things had to happen. Tim’s purchase of some junk furniture in Detroit, his chance meeting with a Hollywood star and his unlikely decision when he was in his 20s to keep an old woman's fading letters.

S02 E07:

I'm Never Using My Smartphone Again

After a container of smoothie accidentally dumped all over her purse, effectively destroying her cellphone, Ashley Weber called her service provider and asked to transfer her number to a landline -- which was not a request the company seemed to receive often. Or ever. In fact, the line seemed to go dead for a minute.

S02 E08:

Jose Feliciano's Anthem Encore

1968 was a tumultuous year: Assassinations….riots….and a rising death toll in Vietnam. The World Series was supposed to serve as a national timeout. But when fans rose for the national anthem….controversy erupted again.