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Shattered: Black Friday is a 10-episode podcast investigating the disappearance of the Skelton Brothers from their home in Morenci, Michigan on Nov. 26, 2010. Episode 5 delves into the mind of John Skelton, who lived in solitary confinement for years, holding secrets that could unlock the case of his missing sons. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher, Google Play, or through the player below. If you have any information about this case call lead investigator Jeremy Brewer at (517) 636-0689. If you want to reach Jeremy and the Shattered staff email:

A word and a thought I haven’t really gotten into yet is – revenge. That’s what this case seems to be all about. John’s stories are confusing and hard to follow. And at this point i’m wondering if it’s difficult for him to organize and keep track of his own thoughts. 

I hope to have the chance to ask him that. But he maintained in all of his interviews with the media, that tanya was sexually abusing their own children. And in one report he said the boys came to him one day and said, “mommy was sexing us.” 

According to John, Tanya wouldn’t discuss those claims with him, so, his course of action was to get the kids away from her. John would also say later that he feels like he may have been duped by the organization that took his kids – that maybe they weren’t honest with him. Imagine that. He seemed to think the group he met at a truck stop, just a couple months earlier were trustworthy people. So, worthy of trust that he would hand over his three most prized possessions – his three young sons.

I’ve never met John, never spoken with him. I’ve never sat across from him or looked him in his eyes. Never had the chance to observe him or study him in person. I’ve read all about him; his actions, words and thoughts. I try not to let the opinions of those that I have spoken to about John and this case cloud a fresh perspective and I think that I do a decent job. But where I sit, right now, I’m finding it really, really hard to believe that a moral compass drove him to remove Andrew, Alexander and Tanner from the lives of so many that loved them. It’s tough not to draw the conclusion that John did this out of revenge and revenge alone. 

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