Protect your pets on Halloween with this advice from the Michigan Humane Society

Keep your pets safe and comfortable while kids go trick or treating

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Halloween is coming up and there will be parties and celebrations, which can sometimes be difficult for your pets. Anna Chrisman from the Michigan Humane Society stopped by to talk to Jason Carr and Tati Amare to explain how you can make your pet comfortable on Halloween. She also suggests you consider adopting an adorable pet that needs a forever home. 

Chrisman says costumes can be intimidating for some pets to wear, so gauge your pets comfort level first. A great start is to see if they are ok with small articles of clothing like a bandana, before trying on a full costume. When handing out candy, be sure pets are secured, so they don't run out the door and don't leave pets unattended outside.

Turning on the TV to block strange noises or temporarily disconnecting the doorbell will also help keep your pet calm. When it comes to candy, keep chocolate, raisins and Xylitol or sugar free gum away from pets because it's toxic to them. Also, keep lit candles away from pets. 

Chrisman also brought in our Pet of the Week, Helios, a domestic short-haired kitten. This energetic, 2 month-old kitten is looking for a house with a cat or dog buddy. Our sponsor, The Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts the Pet of the Week.

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