Looking for a perfect day trip just off the beaten path? All the reasons to consider a sunflower farm

What a pretty scene. (Photo by Max Andrey from Pexels)

When was the last time you went to a sunflower farm?

Or, better yet, we’ll start here: Have you EVER been to a sunflower farm?

If not, you should pay one a visit. No matter if you’re with friends, family or on a first date, these spaces really do pack a punch. Want to know why?

Without further ado ...

1. As the summer draws to a close, it’s one more chance to explore the outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful Michigan weather.

Consider a place like DeBuck’s Sunflower Farm, which sits on about 200 acres in Belleville.

You can experience the beauty of the sunflowers and take in the gorgeous sights and sounds all around you at a place like DeBuck’s.

The DeBuck family started growing sunflowers in 2017. They have 23 acres of the flowers, which are known to attract thousands of people from all over Michigan and Ohio every summer. A trip to DeBuck’s is a must for all those flower lovers out there, the family said.

The fields of sunflowers truly provide a magical experience for those who visit.

A trip to DeBuck’s is a breath of fresh air and a break from the real world, the owners said. Plus, it’s not every day you get the chance to go to a sunflower farm and spend quality time with your loved ones picking flowers.

DeBuck’s offers a few different you-pick options.

A top-seller is DeBuck’s bucket of sunflowers, the family said. It’s $25, and you can fit three- to four-dozen flowers in it. And hey, if you’re just looking for a few flowers for around the house, you can also choose to purchase a $7 bag that fits about a dozen stems.

It might even make for a unique date experience. Instead of buying your special someone flowers at the store, bring your person on an adventure to pick sunflowers together, the DeBuck family recommended, adding that it’s a memory you’d never forget.

2. Photo opportunities galore!

Either pack your camera, or make sure that iPhone is fully charged with Portrait mode ready to go.

There are so many photo opportunities at a place like DeBuck’s. Your Instagram page won’t know what hit it.

Family portraits might be another cool idea, if you’re looking for an atypical destination for those.

Just keep in mind: If you’re a photographer, you’ll need to purchase an admission ticket for yourself and any crew members that will be accompanying you. Families would need to buy admission, as well. DeBuck’s recommends coordinating as a group and having everyone purchase tickets for the same day and time slot for the photo shoot.

3. There’s some pretty rich history involving sunflowers.

The sunflower is native to North America, and was first grown as a crop by indigenous tribes more than 4,500 years ago, according to this website.

The crop’s uses included milling for flour or meal production to make bread and cakes. Seeds were roasted, cracked and eaten whole -- either as a snack or mixed with other grains and nuts.

The early Americans also discovered that sunflower oil could be extracted and used for cooking.

The sunflower’s oils and pigments were used as a sunscreen or the basis for a purple dye for skin, hair or textile decoration, the website says. The sunflower continued as a staple within North America for about 4,000 years, until it was discovered by European explorers in 1510.

Spanish sailors were the first to gather up large quantities of sunflower seed and ship them to Europe, according to the site.

Looking to visit DeBuck’s? General admission tickets are $9 and season tickets go for $32.99. The owners ask that you wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated.

They also recommend bringing an umbrella. If it’s sprinkling or the area is experiencing just a brief shower, the farm will be open. If you’ve purchased tickets and the farm has to close due to the weather, you will have the opportunity to choose another day.

Snag your tickets here.