NFL admits 66-yard pass interference penalty against Lions was wrong


During the Lions-Packers game last Sunday, a 66-yard pass interference call was made against Detroit in the first half.

The NFL is now admitting they made the wrong call.

The 66-yard penalty was assessed to Nevin Lawson, who said after the game that he didn't believe it was a foul:

"I don't think I pass interferenced him," Lawson said. "Just seen the ball in the air, I didn't even see him, to be honest. I was just focusing on the ball. He tripped, and that's what they called."

Well, he was right.

Thursday, the Lions confirmed that the NFL admitted they were wrong on the call.

Unfortunately for the Lions, there is nothing that will come of this. The Lions lost the game to Green Bay, 34-27.

Check out the play below.

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