Debatable: Why a road game in Seattle may be the Lions better playoff matchup

Home vs the Giants or away vs the Seahawks?


The Lions are in the playoffs. Now, let's debate the better matchup next week.

Option 1: Home vs the Giants

If the Lions beat the Green Bay Packers tonight and clinch the NFC North division title, they'll host the Giants at Ford Field next weekend. The home game is obviously an advantage, and playing in Detroit could be the advantage the Lions need to overcome a New York  team they lost to last month.

Advantage of hosting the Giants: Home game and momentum after a big win over the Packers, plus a Round 2 game in Atlanta (instead of Dallas).

Disadvantages: Matt Stafford and company already lost to Eli Manning's crew this season, and the Giants are on a roll, finishing the season with an impressive 11-5 record. 

Option 2: Away vs the Seahawks

A loss tonight means a trip to the west coast to play Seattle in one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Aside from heading into the playoffs on a losing note, the long trip could also make the first round game a challenge. But it also could be a more favorable matchup. Seattle lost one of their star defenders -- Earl Thomas -- and has struggled in recent weeks. 

Advantage of traveling to Seattle: Potentially better matchup to advance to Round 2.

Disadvantage: Road game in a hostile stadium, plus a game in Dallas if they win.