VIDEO: Michigan high schooler sinks incredible highlight-reel 3-point shot

Michael Melaragni from Stoney Creek High School makes crazy 3-pointer

ROCHESTER, Mich. – A Rochester high schooler made an unbelievable shot during a semi-final game.

Michael Melaragni from Stoney Creek High School saved a rebound from going out of bounds, and threw up a shot while falling.

He made the shot!

Stoney Creek ended up winning the game against Lindon High School. 

You can watch the highlight below - the shot happens around the 0.38 second mark.

"When I first saw the video, I though it was fake," Melaragni said. "The way the ball just flew off my hand, I don't know how it got so much power on it."

It's something he likely can't duplicate.

"I don't think (I could do it again) if I tried at least 1,000 times probably," he said.

But it's a shot he'll never forget.

"One of my best moments of my life," Melaragni said.

"A little bit of luck involved there," coach Steve Norgrove said. "He was just driving for the ball trying to keep it in play, and I'm just happy for him and our team and the recognition is great for us."

Melaragni said he and his teammates are gearing up for the next game, but he admits the attention isn't too bad.

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